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Portugal's south-west coast with kids

Portugal's south-west coast between Alentejo and the Algarve, known as Costa Vicentina - Comporta, Sines and Aljezur. We went with a 2y and a 4y old kids. Between countryside and beaches, historic villages and beautiful landscapes, I found myself saying that it is in fact one of the best places to travel with the youngest.

We stayed in a house with good access to Arrifana beach and it was such a good surprise. A large, comfortable house, with all the amenities as found in our place and a complete kitchen for daily meals. The house had puzzles, beach toys and other games for children. The house had an incredible outdoor space for everyone, including our dog. Also, the square behind the house was so good and quiet to them to play outside. 

We brought frozen soups and homemade meals (Let's go baby has this service) and very little luggage (see previous post "how to travel light with kids"). What we really needed to bring were security gates for the stairs of the house - and we found out that there was no crockery for babies and older kids (we broke several plates and glasses).

Choosing a good house was so important. We needed a house that was able to proving us everything we need - we needed to ensure that we were able to spend as much time at home (we were at lockdown due to COVID-19).

Between telework, lunch hours and the end of the day, we took the opportunity to:

  • enjoy the sunset
  • walks through Arrifana
  • visit Arrifana fortress
  • visit Aljezur and the castle
  • go to Monte Clérigo beach
  • visit Aldeia da Pedralva
  • visit Bordeira beach (known as Carrapateira)
  • visit a village in Bordeira
  • visit Sines 
  • visit Sagres

Everything is so close that you can enjoy a lot and go to many places. The drive on the national road is beautiful from the moment you turn in the direction of Sagres. With ruins, beautiful cores, cows and sheep, immense green everywhere. A journey to take without haste and without worries.


Note: English is not my first language (Portuguese is). I apologize forr any typos, grammer error or others.

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