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why rent baby equipment while travelling

Rent baby equipment Portugal. How to avoid traveling with all that baby Gear. Travel to Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra with babies and toddlers. Visit portugal with younger children. Explore portugal with kids. Visit Portugal with kids. Travel light with kids.


Travelling with a baby and younger children is (so much) possible, is fun, and creates memories and new experiences. And travelling with kids doesn't mean we have to pack lots of extra struff. But how? Just rent it at your destination. This way you bring only the essentials and rent the rest. Less stress guaranteed. 

Here are some reasons why you should keep your baby equipment at home:

  • avoid extra airport charges
  • guarantee that the stroller or carseat do not have to be dispatched
  • do not risk having your stroller or carseat damaged or lost
  • pack light and stay hands free
  • baby equipment rental companies have a huge range of items to rent
  • have the same comfort you have at home

Why is the baby equipment rental service convenient?

  • insured items
  • flexible and personalized delivery and collection 
  • deep cleaned and sanitized items

Some informations that you have to consider while choosing the baby equipment rental service:

  • verify that the company is registered and reliable
  • check the reviews and testimonials from other clients
  • make sure the company gives you access to digital installation instructions 
  • ask if the baby equipment rental company can deliver the items at the time you want and need to be delivered
  • ask for a direct contact with the company is essential for any doubts or questions about the rented item(s)

Gear that's good to rent:

  • carseats 
  • strollers
  • playpen/play yards
  • travel cot
  • safety gates 
  • highchairs
  • bathtubs
  • toys

Besides the baby equipment rental service, with Let's go baby you can also ask for our family concierge service - a service that helps you with all modern conveniences and amenities, providing access to the best local services:

  • babysitting & nanny
  • home-cooked meals (fresh and frozen)
  • health and wellness
  • supermarket and parapharmacy shopping
  • private transfers
  • local guides
  • personalized itineraries and any other service you seek.

Enjoy your time with the kids! Travelling with kids is a truly rewarding experience.


Let's go baby is your trusted partner during your family holidays in Portugal. Contact our family concierge service for further information.

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