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how to travel alone with a baby or older kids

The best things to do with kids in Cascais. Visit Cascais with kids. What to do in Cascais with kids.

Did you know that there are a lot of families who don't travel when their babies are months old, or even 2 and 3 years old? So if we think about solo mothers or solo fathers who travel alone with their children... probably know few cases.

Let's try to help. The first is to PLAN. There is no need to plan down to the smallest detail, because there are always unforeseen events and things change very quickly, but there are certain details that make all the difference:

  • travel light. take only the essentials. the lighter you travel, the easier the journey will be.
  • diapers and wipes: don't take them with you for the entire trip. buy at destination. it will save a lot of space in your suitcase.
  • try to book plane stops that last longer: the kids play, spend energy and stretch their legs.
  • schedule night flights or during lunch hours to coincide with sleep times.
  • carry the essentials in a backpack to make it easy and simple to get there and find what you need.
  • replace the stroller with a baby carrier.
  • see if the airport has strollers available.
  • do online check-in to save time when you arrive at the airport.
  • make sure you have your liquids organized and in the right size packaging.
  • while queuing, don't be afraid to make other passengers wait and don't give in to pressure. take your time. use your right to board first.
  • arrive (much) early to avoid rush and unexpected situations.
  • take snacks with you.
  • rent baby equipment at destination.
  • activities on the plane: take toys and activities that the child has not played in a while. some examples: stickers, painting, games or "whole" toys without too many pieces so they don't get lost, watching other people, walking in the aisles.
  • if you are traveling with a month old baby, ask the airline about the possibility of reserving, and using, a bassinet that is sometimes available.

Check our own way to travel with kids and how to travel light.

Hope this helps!

Bon voyage!


Note: English is not my first language (Portuguese is). I apologize for any typos, grammer error or others.

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