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stroller rental in Lisbon

stroller rental in lisbon

Strollers in Lisbon

One of the most heard and read questions: to use or not to use a stroller in Lisbon?

The answer can never be exact for all families because it will depend a lot on where you will be staying, for how long, what you will visit, how much time you will spend in a certain neighborhood, what kind of activities you will do, which means of transport you will use, among many other variables. Each experience will seriously influence the need to use a stroller in Lisbon.

From our experience so far, we can almost bet that all families need a stroller in Lisbon - what differs is wheter they use it more or less hours during the day depending on the child, on the activities and places they will visit.

If you're looking for a peaceful and comfortable holiday, don't hesitate to use a stroller in Lisbon: this will seriously help the child to rest, maybe sleep, and have more energy to know and explore our city. The "secret" is to have a good stroller that is really suitable for the city and for your trip and its characteristics and also your needs. Questions that you can do to yourself - and that we are here to help you answering.

  • can I take my own stroller on the flight? check stroller as a checked baggage vs gate checked stroller vs stroller onboard? do I know the risks I will take if I check my stroller?
  • will we use more public transport or private car? if private car, how small is the trunk?
  • what do we intend to visit and explore?
  • do we need an easy and quick fold/unfold system? 
  • is it summer? need a good canopy to protect the child from the sun?

A great extra to always have is a baby/child carrier to use in those places that are more complicated to use a stroller such as the Alfama area.

Our recommendation? Don't lug the stroller. Rent it instead. We have a lot of requests of families that need to rent a stroller because the airline lost or damaged it. For this reason, we offer a wide collection of strollers for rent in Lisbon for all type of families and for different experiences.

carrycot rental in Lisbon

stroller rental in Lisbon

  • Chicco Love Up pram - from 0 to 36 months. the suspension is not great so we recommend this stroller to walk on straight pavements (no cobblestones). 
  • Chicco Ohlala stroller - from 0 to 15 kg. it's super thin when closed (fits in any trunk), it's great to carry it since it's super light but has small wheels so we won't recommend it if you're going to spend the whole day in the Castelo de São Jorge area for example.
  • Baby Jogger double stroller - from 0 to 15 kg. individual seats and each one has it own backrest. be aware that in some narrow sidewalks in Lisbon you may find some difficulties. as an option you can rent two strollers or only one and add a glider board for kids with 2 y/o or older (maximum weight of 20kg).
  • Chicco Liteway stroller - from 0 to 22 kg. it's already a good stroller for walking on more difficult pavements as there's in Lisbon.
  • Joie Litetrax 4 dlx - from 0 to 22 kg. it stands alone and has good suspension and wheels. all-wheel suspension. 
  • Baby Jogger City Mini - from 0 to 22 kg. it's a dream to push. does not stand alone so if you're using a lot of public transport may not be the ideal choice. on the other hand, it's the stroller that closes with just one hand, in just 1 second which can make getting in and out easier. does not have a footrest so we won't recommend it for babies that need to lay down completely to have a nap. 
  • Baby Jogger City Tour - from 0 to 22 kg. are you traveling to Lisbon with kids or from Lisbon to any other city in the world? Don't pack your stroller, just rent it. This travel stroller is an excellent choice - it's light, compact and will make every car/train/bus/plane trip comfortable and convenient for a toddler and for the parents.
  • Baby Jogger City Mini 2 (3-wheels and 4-wheels) and Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 - from 0 to 22 kg. both "all terrain". with these strollers you'll be ready for the cobblestone in Lisbon. the first ones have suspension on the front wheels, the second has suspension on all three wheels.

All stroller recline (except Snappy stroller) for the child to take a nap. If you're super tall, Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 and Joie Literax 4 dlx are the only two that have a height adjustable handle. The glider board can be a great option if you're traveling with two kids.

Is it to difficult to choose? Check this chart we have created for you to compare all the most important and convenient features of our strollers.


It is important to respect the maximum weight that the stroller can support
- not only to avoid damage but also because it becomes much more difficult for parents (almost impossible) to drive a stroller with a child who is close to the weight limit or who exceeds the weight limit.

Check out stroller rental collection, all features and images here. We deliver the strollers whenever you want, wherever you want: we are able to deliver the strollers at Lisbon airport, Lisbon city center, Cascais, Sintra and within a radius of 90 km. If you have any questions or doubts about the stroller rental service don't hesitate to contact us  


Note: English is not my first language (Portuguese is). I apologize for any typos, grammer error or others.

Let's go baby is your trusted partner during your family holidays in Portugal. Contact our family concierge service for further information.

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