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transfer services with car seats in Portugal


hassle-free travel: transfer services with car seats in Portugal

When traveling in Portugal with little ones consider the following transportation options:


  • convenience: readily available in cities and airports, offering door-to-door service.
  • cost: can be expensive, especially during peak hours or for longer distances.
  • child-friendliness: taxis do not provide child seats.
car hire
  • convenience: provides flexibility to explore at your own pace, especially in remote areas.
  • cost: rental fees plus fuel costs, parking fees and tolls can add up.
  • child-friendliness: child seats are usually available for an additional fee, but availability may vary. need to rent one in Lisbon area? check our wide car seat rental collection

bus and train

  • convenience: extensive networks connecting major cities and towns with regular schedules.
  • cost: generally affordable, especially for longer distances.
  • child-friendliness: most buses and trains offer comfortable seating and facilities; some companies may required a car seat. 


  • convenience: efficient and fast transportation within major cities like Lisbon and Porto, with frequent trains.
  • cost: relatively affordable with ticket prices based on distance traveled.
  • child-friendliness: generally safe and convenient for families, stroller-friendly but crowded during peak hours.


  • convenience: easily accessible via smartphone apps, with drivers often available on short notice.
  • cost: can be cost-effective for shorter distances but surge pricing may apply during peak times.
  • child-friendliness: you'll have a hard time looking for a car with a car seat.

and what about transfer services and private drivers?

  • convenience: pre-arranged and personalized service, with drivers waiting at designated locations.
  • cost: generally higher than taxis but may offer fixed rates for certain routes.
  • child-friendliness: child seats are usually provided upon request, ensuring safety and comfort for young passengers.

Ultimately, the best option depends on your specific needs, including budget, itinerary and the age of your children. Consider factors like convenience, cost and child-friendliness when choosing the transportation option that's right for your family in Portugal.

Transfer services with car seats - operating area: Porto, Lisbon and Algarve

Are you preparing for a family trip but concerned about transportation logistics, especially with young children? Traveling with kids across Portugal is now easier than ever, thanks to our partner transfer and private driver services. Covering Porto, Lisbon and Algarve, our services equipped with car seats ensure a seamless and stress-free travel experience for you and your family.

personalized service

Understanding that every family has unique needs and preferences, our partner transfer and private drivers services offer personalized solutions tailored to your requirements. Whether you need a spacious vehicle to accommodate extra luggage or specific car seats for your little ones, our partners have you covered. Simply communicate your preferences and we'll ensure that everything is arranged to perfection.

punctuality matters

Timing is crucial, especially when traveling with children. Our professional drivers, committed to arriving on time, prioritize punctuality. This ensures you can stick to your itinerary without any delays or hassles. Whether you're catching a flight or heading to a family-friendly attraction, our partners will ensure you reach your destination promptly and safely.

knowledgeable guides

Navigating unfamiliar roads can be daunting, particularly in a new destination. Our partner drivers aren't just chauffeurs but also knowledgeable guides, well-versed in the local area. From the best routes to avoid traffic to insider tips on family-friendly attractions, we'll ensure your journey is smooth and enjoyable. 

When booking our partner transfer services, we require essential details to ensure a smooth experience. Depending if it's at the airport or at the hotel/local accommodation, these include:

  • estimated time of arrival (ETA)
  • flight number and airline
  • amount of luggage: hold luggage, carry-on luggage, personal items, strollers and any other item
  • number of adults and kids
  • pick-up and/or drop-off address
  • pick-up time


Note: English is not my first language (Portuguese is). I apologize for any typos, grammar error or others.

Let's go baby is your trusted partner during your family holidays in Portugal. Contact our family concierge service for further information.

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