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what to do and where to go in Portugal with kids

Traveling to Portugal with kids? Looking for ideas of kid friendly places to visit in Portugal? Check some suggestions for places designed for children.


Portugal with kids

Is it your first time in Portugal with kids? Depending on where you're going, we'll share with you some kid friendly places to visit in Portugal, places that were designed for kids.

Shall we take this walk together? Let's start our journey through the North.

Portugal with kids - Aveiro

Have you heard about Portuguese Venice? We are talking about the city of Aveiro, known especially for unique boat trips that take us to discover the streets and paths of this spectacular city through the canals. Take a break for lunch and recharge your batteries as you try the delicious egg pastries.

Portugal with kids Portugal with kids Portugal with kids Portugal with kids


Portugal with kids - Óbidos

Then, head towards Óbidos, a small but complete village. Be sure to visit the castle made up of walls and towers and live the experience of our ancestors. You cannot say goodbye to Óbidos without first trying Ginginha, which is a traditional Portuguese liqueur.

Portugal with kids Portugal with kids


Portugal with kids - Dinoparque

Now... we arrived in Lourinhã! I mean, we arrived at Dinoparque. The perfect place for adults and children to learn more about the biggest animals that ever lived on the planet. Come and discover all the curiosities that these animals have left. 

Dinoparque: Rua Vale dos Dinossauros 25, 2530-059 Lourinhã.

Portugal with kids Portugal with kids Portugal with kids Portugal with kids


Portugal with kids - Lisbon

From Lourinhã we left to Lisbon, capital of Portugal. A city teeming with life. I didn't want to fail to share with you a place full of animation and good mood.

Do you remember that phrase that we all said: "when I'm big I'll be...". When we are little, we want to go through all the professions that exist. There are so many ideas that go through our heads that it becomes difficult to make the right choice. But why decide without trying it?

I'm talking about Kidzania, the world built for children, where more than 60 professions are available. The perfect place to enter the world of grown-ups for a whole day. A place where play can give way to learning, where kids can make new friends and surely will bring back good memories.

Kidzania: UBBO Shopping, C.C, Av. Cruzeiro Seixas 7 Lj 1054, 2650-504 Amadora.

Portugal with kids - Costa Vicentina

We started in the North, went down to the Center and now we are on our way to the South of Portugal. Let's get to know the Costa Vicentina (check our article about Portugal's south-west coast with kids), a walk by the sea that will take us to Aljezur with magnificent beaches nearby. The journey there is magnificent. But first, let's get to know Badoca Safari Park that will delight the kids.

This is the “adventure” in full nature. Among landscapes reminiscent of the African jungle, we will discover more than 500 wild species from 5 continents. I advise you to arrive early, as the animals also have their schedules.

In addition to Safari in the open space, there are other activities such as meeting the giraffes or the primate island. For the little ones there is a playground where they can play freely. They can take a break for a quick meal before saying goodbye to Badoka Park and continuing their journey to Aljezur in the heart of the Costa Vicentina.

Badoca Safari Park. Vila Nova de Santo André, Santiago do Cacém. Contact: +351269708850

Portugal with kids - Aljezur

Aljezur is the chosen destination for “nature tourism”. It is between the mountains and the sea and has the best beaches in Portugal. Go to the conquest of the best beaches to surf good waves. Whether on Arrifana da Amoreira or Monte Clérigo beach.

To say goodbye to the village of Aljezur, let yourself be tempted by a beautiful grilled fish either on the terrace by the sea or in a restaurant in the heart of the village.

Portugal with kids Portugal with kids



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Note: English is not my first language (Portuguese is). I apologize for any typos, grammer error or others.

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