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Lisbon airport with kids


Lisbon with kids. Lisbon airport with kids.


Are you traveling to Lisbon with kids? Check the family services available at Lisbon airport and our tips that may speed up the entire process and make the experience smoother.

We have put together all this information based on the experience we have already gained in making deliveries and collections of our baby equipment rental service at Lisbon airport. Hope this will help you :)

Family services at Lisbon Airport

children's seats available at the bathrooms, both men's and women's, before and after security the security checkpoint, both in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

strollers (up to 15kg) available once you get through security screening in Terminal 1 or next to the boarding/unboarding gate (left by those families who boarded before). If you're leaving, sometimes you can find a stroller at Arrivals - if you have time, go there to check if there's one for you.

lisbon_airport_with_kids lisbon_airport_with_kids

baby-changing facilities located in Terminal 1, both in public and restricted areas (after security scan): it has a sink, a changing table and a worktop.

breastfeeding area located in Terminal 1, next to gate 15 (Schengen area) and in Terminal 1, pier 14, level 5 (Non-Schengen area).


changing tables available in women's bathrooms and in the restroom for people with reduced mobility, both in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 (public and restricted areas).

family room located in Terminal 1 before the security checkpoint: sofas, microwave, bottle warmers, oven and a vending machine.

family area in the public area of the Terminal 1, departures hall, on level 5, close to check-in desks, cafés and retailers. 

play area (no supervision) at Terminal 1, in the Schengen area transfers hall, level 5, on the way to gates 7 and 13. For children from 2 y/o to 7 y/o.

lisbon_airport_with_kids lisbon_airport_with_kids lisbon_airport_with_kids

Tips for families with kids at Lisbon Airport

  • Need to store your luggage? At Terminal 1, outside Departures, and on the left side of Kiss & Fly, there are 234 lockers of different sizes with a payment terminal at each bank of lockers. Available 24/7. If you prefer human contact, the only thing you need to do is to contact us and we can assist you with an exclusive luggage storage and delivery service at Lisbon Airport.
  • Use the family security lane that will help you with the logistics of passing through Security and Immigration with small children.
  • Consider pre-boarding: many airlines offer pre-boarding for families with young children - take advantage of this to settle in before other passengers.
  • Traveling with liquids: liquid medications or special dietary products (including baby food – porridge, fruit jars, yoghurts and milk bottles) can travel outside the transparent plastic bag or in quantities exceeding 100 ml/100 g.
  • Use the free and unlimited Wi-Fi if you need to contact to your driver, the hotel or Let's go baby.
  • If you made a mistake and are in terminal 1 instead of terminal 2, don't worry - between the airport building and the Kiss & Fly park (at departures) there are buses that take you directly to terminal 2: it's free, the journey takes 3 minutes and the maximum waiting time is 12 minutes.
  • If you're using rideshares services (Uber or Bolt), these drivers are only allowed to pick up / drop-off passengers at the P2 parking lot (Arrivals) or Kiss & Fly parking lot (Departures). Be aware that Kiss & Fly parking lot may have long queues to enter so, if that's the case, we suggest you ask the driver to drop you off at Arrivals.
  • Arrivals (ground floor) and Departures (first floor) are located in the same buildingonly one floor separates the two areas - there are escalators to get from Arrivals to Departures, and an elevator. So no worries if you end up on Arrivals if you're leaving.
  • If you're renting a car, some car rentals (Avis, Europcar, Goldcar, Guerin, Hertz and Sixt) are located in the rental car building (1 min walking from Arrivals; look for My Bistrô, continue walking forward with My Bistrô on your left until you see the corridor to the car rental desks) and others will have a shuttle to drive you to their parking lot (some of them have someone with a board with the car rental name but others require you to contact them letting them know you have arrived). Make sure you have the confirmation from the rental car about your case. The one we work with has a simple process: you just need to call their number and you'll be in touch directly with the airport representative or meet him directly next to the Vodafone store at Exit 4. From there you will be taken to the bus that will take you to the station in Portela (5 minutes from the airport).
  • If you're dropping-off a car and you need to meet your rideshares driver at P2, you just need to leave the rental car building, cross Arrivals and you'll get to P2. 3 min walking.
  • If you're dropping-off a car and you need to go to Departures, just leave the car rental building, go straight and use the elevator to first floor and you'll reach Departures. Don't need to call a a rideshare driver to drive you to Departures.
  • All transfer service drivers have a reserved area at Arrivals where they can wait for you with a sign with your name - this meeting point is in front of the pharmacy: passing through baggage claim and Customs you will reach the public area of ​​Arrivals, turn right on the ramp and the blue meeting point (#1 to #4) will be on your left. Wait and/or meet your driver here; don't go their parking lot (generally parked outside, behind the Metro entrance, between Arrivals and the rent a car building). This service is the one we always recommend since offers total convenience especially if you're traveling with babies and older kids and/or lots of luggage, besides it's a professional that will be waiting for you and who already knows your destination. It's one less thing to worry about. If you're not hiring a driver from us, make sure you ask for a car seat with testing certification and that is suitable for your baby. 
  • It's not really a tip but this info can help you with the logistics: count on at least 45 minutes from the moment you land until you reach Arrivals: after you land, you'll wait to get off the plane, then comes Immigration/Passport control, Baggage Claim (if you're traveling with checked luggage), Customs and finally you'll be out. That's why our team is at the airport 45 minutes after you land.
  • If you checked strollers or car seats, please note that the product may not be on your flight's conveyor belt but in a specific place called "special luggage" or "out of shape luggage" (in the Baggage Claim area). You can ask the airline desk before you board where you should pick up the stroller/car seat you checked.
  • Do you need to track a flight? Use Flight Radar - it shows real-time aircraft flight tracking information on a map which includes origins and destinations, flight numbers, aircraft types, positions, altitudes, headings and speeds.
  • Be at the airport two hours earlier for domestic and European flights, and three hours earlier for intercontinental flights. Yes, there are cases of passengers who manage to check in, check in their luggage, go through Security and get to the gate very quickly but... there are also others who didn't respect the timings and missed the plane. Commonly, the busiest hours at Lisbon airport are during the morning and early evening when a significant number of international and domestic flights are scheduled. You'll have priority while traveling with a baby and/or small children so that will give you a head start. Even so, we would recommend getting there 3 hours before the ETD. 
  • We know it's not easy being at the airport with a child, so here are some tips (also valid for the plane):
    • have one or two new toys with you that the child has never explored before.
    • stickers books and coloring books are usually a good option.
    • go to the treadmills to get some exercise before getting on the plane :)
    • take advantage of the play area!
    • play games: count the luggage while it's getting loaded onto the place, color hunt, i-spy.
    • pack some good snacks!
  • Are you traveling alone with the baby? Check our suggestions and tips here.


    We'll keep this post updated for you!


    Note: English is not my first language (Portuguese is). I apologize for any typos, grammer error or others.

    Let's go baby is your trusted partner during your family holidays in Portugal. Contact our family concierge service for further information.

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